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Arising Shurikens is Game Art Outsource Studio

Arising Shurikens

Endou - The Samurai
Awe-inspiring visuals, intricate detailing, and lifelike nuances that elevate the essence of our creation, known as Endou.
witness the exceptional skills and expertise of our character art outsourcing studio. Experience the breathtaking visuals, intricate design, and realistic Shading that make Alyx truly extraordinary.
Anya - Anime Girl
An Anime Character Showing our ability to Do hand painted Textures and flat shading
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About Us

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Here are a few of our showcased characters, exemplifying our versatility and demonstrating our capability to provide exceptional Art Outsource services to our partners.


We offers a wide range of services as Character Art, Prop Art, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, and Animation For Games.

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